By Myron Ferguson

One of the best ways to increase profitability is production based tools, materials, and processes in the field.

How much faster is sanding with power sanders? I would say as much as 30% but that would depend on job conditions.

Dust extracting power drywall sanders eliminate the majority of the airborne dust. Using a regular pole sander creates airborne dust that settles on the floors and later has to be swept and vacuumed which creates a second wave of airborne dust. Does anyone need a tool like this?

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Inside drywall corners are many places in a house’s drywall structure. Knowing how to finish them properly will improve the look of every room in your home. This is something most people don’t notice until they see a poorly finished corner that stands out – in a bad way. Despite the benefits, applying a good finish to an inside corner is often a difficult task that takes practice and patience to perfect, but with the right tools and knowledge, you’ll be able to finish yours like a pro.

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