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The story of 3Way drywall corner


Since the inception of drywall in the 1900’s, the methods in which to finish a 3-way corner have remained somewhat stagnate and a multi-layer, multi-step process to achieve a finished product has remained a problem for first time finishers to pros. We recognized that not all builds are true and aligned perfectly which poses challenges for journeymen or Do It Yourself project people. Challenges = higher level of skills + more time = increase in bottom dollar and frustration. What if there was a way to speed up the process while allowing so many others to become proficient at finishing a 3WAY, well we did just that.   

We are very fortunate to have the creator and one of the founding members of the 3WAY company as a member of our team. Royce has emersed himself in the trades specialising in drywall finishing and painting industry for 30+ years. He found less skilled people could easily install his handmade 3WAY to create a superior finish, save time and money. This quality finish and speed to deliver has allowed Royce to be very successful as a drywall-paint contractor as did the apprentices that worked with him. 

After some further exploration, he decided it was time to share the secret of his simplified drywall corner with the rest of the industry. Royce sought the expertise of Steven who had a strong background in business, design and manufacturing. Together they patented the idea and worked on enhancing the 3WAY from a hand cut paper design to what it is today as a result of 2 years of innovation, R&D and field testing.  

You will now find that today’s product features:  

  • Adjustable 90° corner angle (for framing that is just not quite right!) 
  • Reinforced backing to cover gaps and drywall board defects 
  • Bevelled edges to blend into tapes and drywall 
  • Perforated edges to ensure bonding to drywall with mud to avoid those pesky call backs for touch ups!  

To meet everyone’s needs, the 3WAY comes in a convenient 10 pack for a single room and closet or the contractor 25 pack that allows for larger jobs.  

Are you looking for an easier drywall corner solution that saves you time and money?

If you tape by hand or use machines, you can drywall tape quicker when you don’t have to mud all the way into the corner. Our innovative design has an adjustable flap to allow for accurate angle variation. Piecework journeymen will immediately recognize how quick and easy they are to install and work with. Do we have you a little curious about your first 3 Way? After many years in the drywall business, we have perfected the 3Way corner. Our unique method of corner finishing gets praise from contractors and industry experts alike. Are you ready to learn our drywall secrets too? Get in touch with the team to try your 3Way today.

Are 3Way corners fast?

The 3Way inside corner is the most time consuming part of drywall finishing. It takes the most skill and experience to not have any defects.  

With our innovative design anyone can put in a 3Way and finish like a pro!

Install the 3Way before taping adjust and fit into the corner to cover any drywall or framing problems. 

Tapes need to go just over the beveled edge of the 3Way or tape first and run them short of the corner. To finish just feather the edges. 3Way Drywall Corner Finishing is more durable than paper tapes, no corner cracks, fast, easy, and perfect corners!


How to install 3WAY into your drywall finishing taping - Royce shows the best way to install 3WAYS