3Way is a revolution in the drywall industry completely changing the way tapers finish 3 way corners. A three way corner is as it sounds when three parts of a piece of drywall meet to create a corner. For example, two walls and a ceiling. This example is the most common three way corner. 

Ever since drywall was first rose to prominence in the early 1900s corner finishing has been a difficult task for both beginners and professionals. The frustration of corner finishing comes from both the difficulty of the task, as well as, a lengthy process to complete the finish. 3Way solves both these problems by speeding up the process and making the task easier for both journeymen and novices. 

We had the opportunity to interview Royce and Steven and get their story behind the creation of 3Way.

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By Myron Ferguson

One of the best ways to increase profitability is production based tools, materials, and processes in the field.

How much faster is sanding with power sanders? I would say as much as 30% but that would depend on job conditions.

Dust extracting power drywall sanders eliminate the majority of the airborne dust. Using a regular pole sander creates airborne dust that settles on the floors and later has to be swept and vacuumed which creates a second wave of airborne dust. Does anyone need a tool like this?

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